Formal objective assessment is the best way to determine the current level of global competence of person or group in order to plan next steps for improvement. The Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)® is the only assessment that comprehensively and objectively measures all dimensions of global competence, as determined by worldwide consensus research.

About the GCAA®

The Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA®) is a practical application of a five (5)-year rigorous and holistic international research agenda. Expert thought leaders from around the world, spanning the continuum of education through the global workforce, created a consensus definition of “global competence” that was first reported in 2004. In addition, this panel of experts collectively determined the specific aptitudes necessary for global competence, which are presented in the Global Competence Model™.

Out of a request by one such expert thought leader, five (5) more years were spent developing a comprehensive instrument to objectively assess each of the necessary dimensions of global competence as identified by the research. The pinnacle of this extensive research and development became the GCAA®.

The GCAA® is the only instrument that measures all the researched dimensions of “global competence,” —a 21st century skill— as intended and reported in refereed journals worldwide.

GCAA® Highlights

  • Continuously administered to organizations and academic institutions since 2009
  • Product of 10 years of original worldwide research and development
  • Delivers objective metrics for each of the eight (8) dimensions of the Global Competence Model™
  • Measures the education to workforce development continuum:
  • secondary education (high school)
  • higher education (college and university)—undergraduate and graduate
  • professional work, from new hires to senior executives
  • Rigorously tested globally and determined to be valid and reliable: validated before launch in 2008 and revalidated in 2017
  • Revalidation sample population demographics:
  • 115 countries across six (6) continents
  • 15,500+ participants ages 15 – 65 years
  • 4 sectors represented: education, business, government, and nonprofits

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