Design and Reporting

Test Design

To thoroughly assess both the Internal Readiness and External Readiness categories of the Global Competence Model™ as well as all the dimensions of each, the GCAA® is comprised of four distinct sections, each with a different question style. There is cross-referencing throughout the GCAA® as each of the eight dimensions of global competence is evaluated from a variety of angles across the different sections.

The assessment items are based on all the regions of the world, with particular emphasis placed on those countries that make significant contributions to the world’s population and economy for practical yet comprehensive measurement of global competence.

Assessment Reporting

A participant can take the GCAA® online from anywhere in the world and at any time. After submitting one’s responses, a feedback profile report is generated and can be immediately shared directly with the participant by default; however, there are options to withhold or delay the sharing of the participant report, as desired.

The detailed participant report provides scoring and interpretation across each of the categories of Internal Readiness and External Readiness, as well as a targeted analysis for each of the eight dimensions of global competence. In addition, the participant report provides peer comparisons, personalized and prioritized development focus, as well as global competence developmental suggestions.

Group data across all of a study’s participants are compiled in real-time. Detailed norm comparisons, demographic intelligence, and deeper reporting and interpretation options are available as desired. Targeted objective metrics from the GCAA® can identify development and improvement opportunities, as well as provide more complete research intelligence and insight for various decision-making areas.

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