“I highly recommend the GCAA® to measure global competence and to understand how one can improve effectiveness with people around the world. The GCAA® is a model assessment to best determine and develop intercultural skills and global competence.”

Chris Cartwright, Ed.D.,

Director of Intercultural Assessment, Intercultural Communication Institute

“The GCAA® is the most comprehensive tool of its kind and it is both instructive and enlightening. We have been using it in the International Business Culture module of our Chancellor’s Certificate in International Trade program.”

Stella Sheehan,

Deputy Director, World Trade Center St. Louis

“We had been struggling to find a way to measure global competency outcomes provided by the World Affairs Council’s K-12 education program, as it is necessary for our fundraising proposals and sponsor reports. The GCAA® measured aptitudes beyond the typical standardized test and it helped us prove the success of our program based on local and norm comparisons.”

Jennifer Bowden,

Former Director of Education, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth

“The Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)® is an important contribution for evaluating people’s ‘readiness’ to participate in a complex, interconnected world.”

Christian de Fouloy,

Association of Accredited Public Policy Advocates to the European Union (AALEP), Chairman

The GCAA® fills a gaping hole in the current landscape of developmental tools for global talent. Avoiding the traps of the nebulous concept of ‘global mindset’, the GCAA® focuses on a more tangible notion of aptitude as the focus of development. The Internal and External Readiness dimensions allow a clear distinction between awareness and knowledge as well as attitudinal and behavioral factors of global competence. The GCAA® is a well-structured and operationalized tool that enables nuanced development of global leadership capabilities.”

Joerg Schmitz,

Cultural Anthropologist and Managing Partner, ThomasLeland

“What a great tool! The GCAA® provides our early career high potentials with cultural awareness insight that they have not been exposed to before. It helps them determine where their gaps are so that they can begin to develop the knowledge and skills needed throughout their careers.”

Kim Rhule,

Senior Manager, Talent Management and Organizational Development, Curtiss-Wright

“The GCAA® provides opportunity insights to retool employee development by reskilling for global competence. It is a great asset for organizations that are implementing global growth strategies.”

Ila Gandhi,

Managing Director, Global Cultural Consulting, Berlitz

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